Monday, July 14, 2014

Knowing Jesus Involves Losing Self

The very thing that makes us feel like "all that" is the very thing we must lose to intimately know Jesus.

In Phil. 3, Paul'sconfidence in the flesh, involved what made Him feel righteous before God.  What made Paul feel so confident?  Paul's zealous practice of the law.  Paul knew he was good at being a Pharisee and was indeed a Hebrew of Hebrews (Phil. 3:4-6).

This confidence in human achievement was what Paul said had to go.  Paul exchanged all the human recognition, the religious and social prestige, and his proudest moments for the personal knowledge of Jesus (Phil. 3:7-11).

What in your life makes you shine, makes you feel proud, and poke your chest out and declair: "I did it!"  What human effort makes you secretly feel better than others and righteous before God?

This is what you must exchange for an intimate walk with Jesus.  That "thing" is the barrier that prevents your intimate experience with Jesus.

But Pastor, I worked hard for what I humanly accomplished and my blood, sweat and tears are in it!!!!   Paul put his all in all in his human achievement too.

How bad do you want to know Jesus at the deeper level?  
If you want to go beyond cultural Christianity (superficial and world based Christianity), exchange your confidence in the flesh for your personal journey with Jesus.

God Bless,

Pastor Kennedy (MZO)

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