Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Cross Your Jordan River on Dry Land

Everyone has a Jordan River to cross.

The 40 years of wilderness wandering is on this side of the Jordan, and The Promised Land blessing is on the other side.

This is also true for us.  All of our drama from our self-directed life needs to stay on this side of our Jordan River.

You will need a miracle from God so here is a prayer to help:

Lord, I do not want Your promises to be distant dreams, untouchable hopes,
and topics for empty discussion.  I want to experience abundant life by
crossing over from my wilderness wondering into my Promised Land blessings.
Lord, as I leave my wilderness wondering, please show me divine signs to
direct my steps, keep the things that pertain to You in my sight, and Lord
keep me consecrated so that I can see Your wonders, be in harmony with You,
experience a changed life, and gain deeper faith in Your miracle working
power.  Lord, as I cross my Jordan River, keep me sensitive to others, and
realize that my actions can hurt or help others.  I love You.  In the name
of Jesus, I pray, amen.  

God Bless

Pastor Brian E. Kennedy, Sr.

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