Saturday, July 25, 2015

Picnic in the Park

Mt. Zion Ontario is hosting our annual picnic at Homer Briggs park in Ontario, Calif. today.  This is a great time for us to get caught up and renew our commitment to the Lord and His church while eating, witnessing, and having fun.
If you are struggling with getting back into the Mt. Zion fellowship, let's find some time to talk today.
Everyone in the body is valuable and we need each other to fulfill the vision God have given for Mt. Zion.

Christians, God uses local congregations to do His work all over the world.  Get in a Christ-centered local congregation and use your spiritual gift(s) to advance God's kingdom.

Be more than a consumer of the ministries offered at church, be a contributor.  Give your God given time, talents, and treasures to make a difference in the world for Christ.

Trust me, every loving Pastor is looking to see the people entrusted to his care.

Refuse to make excuses and get to church, and get involved.

God Bless

Pastor Brian Kennedy, Sr.

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