Wednesday, March 2, 2016

What are you Building On?

In Matthew 7:24-25, Jesus said that those who hear His Words and obey His Words are building their house (their life) on The Rock (a huge bedrock, a strong foundation).
Jesus then described three parts of a destructive storm that challenged the stability of the house.

The rain kept raining.
The floods kept flooding.
The winds kept blowing.
These elements continued to beat against the house, but the house continued to stand and never stopped standing.

What is the key to standing strong when the fiercest elements (sickness and dying), are banging against your house (your life)?

The answer is simple.  Hear and obey God's Word.  Hear and obey God's Word).

Christian's, try reading and obeying what Jesus taught in Matt. 5-7, and watch God anchor you in Jesus, the Rock.

God Bless,

Pastor Brian Kennedy, Sr.

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