Saturday, October 24, 2020


This is Pastor Kennedy:

I am still overflowing with joy from celebrating our 98 years of ministry at Mt. Zion.  Thank you for your contributions to what God is doing at Mt. Zion. 

This weekend, I will start a series of sermons on freedom and faith to help us continue taking bold steps for Jesus.

This Sunday at 3:00 pm, we will install Etienne Lacey, as the Senior Pastor of Holy Missionary Baptist Church in Pomona, at Mt. Zion and outside.

On Monday Night at 7:00 pm, we will continue increasing our prayer power in the church. (, and click on Monday Night prayer).

After Prayer Meeting, Dr. Gilbert Holmes will continue an objective explanation of the propositions for the upcoming election (, go to Monday night prayer and click on David Wood).  Your vote does count.

Continue to pray for people who need Jesus, troubled marriages, students trying to stay focused online, the sick, those who lost loved ones, our divided country, and for continued spiritual growth.  I look forward to worshipping with you this weekend.

God Bless

Friday, October 16, 2020

Exciting Times

 Hello Everyone:

As we celebrate 98 years of ministry this Sunday at 8:00 am outside, we are encouraged in our efforts to reach people for Jesus in safe yet meaningful ways.
For instance, on Oct. 31, we will host a drive by, and walk through Harvest Festival celebration (please bring your candy donations to the office during the week).
Our Evangelism team is busy distributing door hangers in the neighborhood.
Our Spanish speaking church plant started with 51 people on last Sunday night.
Our Mental Health Ministry is presenting tomorrow at 10:30am (go to for Zoom link).
Our Prayer ministry transitioned to Zoom for continued growth. Go to and click on Monday night prayer.
We will discuss the 25 ballot propositions this Monday after prayer meeting at 8:00 pm.
Go to and click Monday night prayer, and select David Wood.

These are exciting times.
God Bless,
Pastor Kennedy

Friday, October 9, 2020

Prayer Warriors

 With over 100 prayer warriors praying each Monday Night, we need more prayer warriors to amp up our prayer power at Mt Zion. Pastor, what happened? Our annual Ministry Connection Conference got many of us excited about making more disciples for Christ. Hence, we need more prayer warriors joining us for concentrated prayer as we grow.

Guess what?  This Sunday we will start our second formal Church plant in partnership with the North American Mission Board. 
The church is Spanish speaking and will start the outdoor service at 6:00 pm.  
One last thing, next Sunday we will celebrate 98 years of ministry at our 8:00 am outdoor service. 
Let's keep this ministry in prayer. Join us this Monday at 7:00 pm by going to and click on Monday Night Prayer.

God Bless,
Pastor Kennedy.