Friday, October 16, 2020

Exciting Times

 Hello Everyone:

As we celebrate 98 years of ministry this Sunday at 8:00 am outside, we are encouraged in our efforts to reach people for Jesus in safe yet meaningful ways.
For instance, on Oct. 31, we will host a drive by, and walk through Harvest Festival celebration (please bring your candy donations to the office during the week).
Our Evangelism team is busy distributing door hangers in the neighborhood.
Our Spanish speaking church plant started with 51 people on last Sunday night.
Our Mental Health Ministry is presenting tomorrow at 10:30am (go to for Zoom link).
Our Prayer ministry transitioned to Zoom for continued growth. Go to and click on Monday night prayer.
We will discuss the 25 ballot propositions this Monday after prayer meeting at 8:00 pm.
Go to and click Monday night prayer, and select David Wood.

These are exciting times.
God Bless,
Pastor Kennedy

Friday, October 9, 2020

Prayer Warriors

 With over 100 prayer warriors praying each Monday Night, we need more prayer warriors to amp up our prayer power at Mt Zion. Pastor, what happened? Our annual Ministry Connection Conference got many of us excited about making more disciples for Christ. Hence, we need more prayer warriors joining us for concentrated prayer as we grow.

Guess what?  This Sunday we will start our second formal Church plant in partnership with the North American Mission Board. 
The church is Spanish speaking and will start the outdoor service at 6:00 pm.  
One last thing, next Sunday we will celebrate 98 years of ministry at our 8:00 am outdoor service. 
Let's keep this ministry in prayer. Join us this Monday at 7:00 pm by going to and click on Monday Night Prayer.

God Bless,
Pastor Kennedy.

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Outdoor Worship

 Today, I ask that you join me in thanking God for the Mt. Zion Outdoor Worship Team.  Over the last two months they have worked overtime to provide our members and guests a safe place to physically worship together.  We actually have a couple (both over 80 years old) who attend each week and feel very safe in our outdoor worship setting.

As a result of our team’s work, we have eliminated the Eventbrite signup process.  We will now safely seat you as you arrive.  I pray that as you trust God to provide a safe environment at the grocery store, restaurants, medical facilities, gas stations, at work, and other places, you will also trust God to provide a safe environment for you at church.  I am looking forward to you joining us outside each Sunday at 8:00 am, until we can safely worship inside.

Two more things.  On Saturday October 3, join us for Ministry Connection, which is a leadership training conference for all age groups (go to and scroll down to upcoming events).  On Sunday October 18, we will celebrate 98 years of service in Ontario and beyond. We will start our celebration outside at 8:00 am.


God Bless,

Pastor Brian E. Kennedy

Friday, September 18, 2020

When The Days Are Long And The Nights Are Short

When the days are long and the nights are Short, II Tim. 4:1-6, is my "go to" passage. I need strength beyond myself (v.1). I am reminded to keep making loyal followers of Jesus (v. 2). I am reminded that suffering is a part of being a soldier (v. 3). I am reminded to focus on pleasing Jesus (v. 4). I am reminded to remain discipline and follow God's rulebook (v. 5). And I am reminded to work hard like a farmer (v. 6). I trust you will find encouragement is these verses.

Here are a couple highlights. Please join the Police Forum this Tuesday 9/22/20, from 5:00 -7:00 pm. In this second forum, our Law Enforcement Leaders will focus on answering questions from the public. Mt. Zion Ontario and the Ontario Police Department are hosting this forum.
Go to: to submit your questions and join the forum.

I trust you are prayerfully considering reconnecting safely at our outdoor worship service each Sunday at 8:00 am.

God Bless,
Pastor Kennedy

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Worry Weighs A Person Down...

 “Worry weighs a person down; an encouraging word cheers a person up” (Prov. 12:25).

In worship service, you can get an encouraging word through the songs, the reading of scripture, prayer, fellowship with others, and the preached word. 

As you approach this weekends corporate worship service (outside or online) remember to celebrate The Lords keeping power throughout the ages.  Moreover, remember, The Lord will continue to keep us through the fires, COVID-19, racism, unemployment, economic concerns, death, sickness, violence, educational challenges, the presidential election, and on and on.  This weekend, let all of us worship God from our hearts so strong in person outside and online, that God is well pleased from start to finish.


God Bless,

Pastor Kennedy

Friday, August 28, 2020

Have Faith in God

With our tender wounds from police shootings re-opened by two more black men shot in their backs, over 181,000 people dead from COVID-19, unemployment numbers increasing, dealing with the damage from Hurricane Laura, and plenty to discuss after the democratic and republican conventions, your personal challenges, and more, I encourage you afresh to have faith in God.
God is in control of the fate of America, and not the President. Please do not let political rhetoric, political strategies, tragedy, and uncertainty shake your faith. God is still in control. Have faith in God.
In fact, if you dare to put a little bit of the right kind of faith in God, you will have mountain moving experiences with God (Mark 11:22-24).
As we trust God to heal our hearts, and heal this country, I encourage you to worship with us on Sunday. If go to and worship with us on-line, get out the bed if able, get yourself together, and have some concentrated worship (not multi-task worship). If you able, come to the church and experience afresh, congregational worship during our 8:00 am outside service.
We want you to sign-up for the outdoor service on our website, but if you forget or can't, you can still come. We will find a place for you to worship.
This Sunday and next Sunday, we will have outdoor baptisms during our 8:00 worship services. You are welcome to get baptized (call the office at 909-983-2411 x 104).
Christian's, God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of love, and power, and sound-mindedness. Have faith in God!

God Bless,
Pastor Kennedy

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Compassion in Ministry

Jesus modeled showing compassion in ministry. In Matt 15, while in the thick of three days of healing ministry Jesus had compassion on the multitude because they did not have anymore food. Jesus felt for them and refused to send them away hungry.
On last Sunday and on Friday, I observed, and felt how the heat took a toll on our teams and the audience.
Hence, the 10:45 outdoor worship services will be postponed until the temperature cools down.
You can still join our online worship service at 10:30.

Personal question, does God want you to have compassion on someone today?