Friday, November 20, 2020

God’s Glory And Your Safety Is Our Priority

With extended social isolation and increasing deaths due to COVID-19, the winter months, more job losses, growing food lines, the flu season, and the third round of COVID, we must stay strong in the Lord.
Instead of stressing and living in fear, remember people are surviving COVID, and safe practices work. Wear your mask. Wash your hands frequently, and keep your hands out of your face. Build a strong immune system by drinking plenty of water, drink hot teas, eat healthy, exercise, and get proper rest.
Build a strong spiritual life with plenty of prayer, and heathy intakes of God's Word. Safely fellowship with godly people, and safely witness for Jesus.
This Sunday, at our 8:00 am outdoor worship service, we celebrate the ordination of 7 new deacons, and 3 new deaconesses.
On this Thursday we will also gather outside at 9:00am for a time of thanksgiving to God.
Remember, God's glory and your safety is our priority.

God Bless,

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