Thursday, January 22, 2015

God has not forgotten His Promise to You

Remember when Joseph was seventeen (Gen. 37:2), he dreamed that his brothers and his parents would bow before him?

Joseph experienced terrible treatment from his brothers, was sold into slavery by his brothers, was accused of sexual assault while in slavery, and convicted and sentenced to federal prison while in slavery.  Joseph was a helper and maintained a positive attitude while in prison.  For instance, Joseph.  interpreted the dreams of two federal employees, one of which was supposed to help Joseph get out once he got out.

Did no happen!
Joseph stayed in the federal prison for two years longer than he expected (Gen. 41:1).

The one federal employee who returned to work forgot all about what Joseph did for him.

Church, God can use anyone as He chooses, but God does not need our networking, planning, and hook-up systems to help Him remember and keep His promise to us.

God did not forget Joseph while in slavery in Potepher's house, and God did not forget Joseph in the prison house.

Just think, Joseph was seventeen when God promised him that his family would bow down to him.

Now look at Gen. 41:41-46, and note that Joseph was thirty years old when things started turning around for him.

Thirteen years of struggle for a youngster is like a lifetime.  

Joseph seemed to always have a positive attitude toward his circumstances.

Joseph was willing to serve others while in slavery.  We see the same thing when he was in prison, and for the two extra years in prison.

Today, we must ask God for the love, the trust, and the patience we need to wait on Him in our trials, and never forget His promise to us.

Church, despite the difficulty, we must focus on what God is doing in our lives so we do not get lost in ourselves (pity parties, depression, substance abuse, bad attitudes, etc.).

God Bless,

Pastor Kennedy (MZO)

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