Friday, May 6, 2016

Happy Mother's Day

When God created Eve, God created her to complement not compete with her husband Adam. 
At the end of Genesis two, Adam and Eve were husband and wife, and they were in harmony with God, in harmony with each other, and in harmony with the creation around them.  They were one flesh, and enjoyed harmony.

This picture of the first man and woman in marital harmony as God created and established as the model for the rest of humanity is what will return peace and harmony to families.

Christian's this Mother's Day is a great time for us to review the roles that God assigned to men and women in marriage, and recommit to doing our part to obey God.

For those who are not married, this is a time to acknowledge God's design for humanity and pray that married couples will honor God's Word.

For those looking for that godly man, or that godly woman, review your role as described by God and commit to fulfilling your part as you wait on the Lord.  

As you see others in meaningful relationships, be happy for then and pray for God to protect their relationship.  This will eliminate jealousy and relieve the pain of loneliness.

Christian's as we obey God, we will enjoy abundant life (full and meaningful life), and we will live in peace with God, each other, and ourselves.  
People who do not agree with the biblical view of marriage will at least respect how we practice true Christianity and are not faking and shaking and mistreating each other.  They will also respect how we enjoy God's promises for our reverent obedience to Him.

Christian's let us show our beautiful and loving light by the way we lovingly obey our Lord, show kindness to each other, and to those who see things differently.

Wish a mother or a woman happy Mother's Day.  Pray for her if she has time and will receive prayer.

God Bless,

Pastor Brian E. Kennedy

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