Sunday, September 16, 2018

Pause to Recognize God!

This Weekend, Mt Zion Church of Ontario celebrates 96 years of ministry.
As I reflect on our 96 year history, we experienced failure, difficulty and miracles and victory.  Through it all God’s hand of favor and keeping power is constantly displayed before us.
Although we pause daily to thank God for His favor, and power, today we pause in our worship services, and we have a celebration concert planned to again say, thank You Lord (see for info).
We also stop to say, Jesus, continue to Pastor Mt. Zion and we will follow You.
Christians, stop to celebrate what God has and is doing.  Worship, and praise keeps us positioned to anticipate the great and mighty things He is going to do as we live for God sized results (John 15:16).

God Bless,
Pastor Brian E. Kennedy, Sr.

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