Monday, May 11, 2015

The Church Must Be A Place of Safety

Christians, we must look out for our girls being sexually exploited for
money in the churches in which we serve. We have to look beyond naming and
claiming a bunch of material goods, and prancing and dancing, while our
little girls are being raped 10 amd more times at night.
With well over 200,000 little girls under the control of pimps (or sex
traffickers) in America, we must at least determine that we will protect the
little girls and boys in the local churches by our building godly relationships and help them properly work through critical life issues.
Starting with and continuing with personal prayer, is a great way to
approach this issue. Here is a personal prayer to help us.

Dear Lord, please remove from me the erroneous belief that I do not need
other people. 
Father, please establish and maintain godly mother and daughter
relationships between the girls and women, and the men and the boys in this
church. Lord, please expose the evil men and women who are hurting our girls
and women, and our boys and men, and bring them to justice. Please give the
girls and women, and boys and men in abusive situations a way to escape, and
a new life where they are free in Christ. Lord, put inside the boys and men
in the church, a deep passion and systems to protect and nurture girls and
women. Father, in this cruel and confusing world, You are my true source of security and significance, and I put my trust in You. I love You, and I
thank You for loving me. In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

God Bless, 
Pastor Brian Kennedy (MZO)

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