Friday, June 3, 2016

Functioning as a Healthy Body

In Rom. 12:4-5, God describes how we are to function with harmony as members of one body intricately connected to each other.  Several key practices are listed in Rom. 12:1-3, to accomplish the goal of the functioning in harmony.  1. Present ourselves correctly (everything we do needs to be an act of worship - v.1). 
 2.  Change Correctly (stop trying to be worldly and let God change you with His Word - v. 2).  3. Think correctly (have a proper view of yourself and others; you are not better than others, and they are not better than you - v. 3).  4.  Function correctly.  Practice verses 1-3, and watch how easy it is to bring healthy habits and contributions to the body of Christ.

Christian's, let us function together as healthy members of the local church, (this includes our interaction with Christians who are not members of our local church).

God Bless, 

Pastor Brian E. Kennedy

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