Monday, July 21, 2014

The Christian and Wealth

Christians are not generous by accident. We are generous because God gives us principles to guide our giving and help us enjoy the wealth He provides.

Eight of the numerous biblical principles regarding wealth are found in I Tim. 6:17-19.

1. Do not be conceited because of wealth (v. 17)
2. Do not hope in the uncertainty of wealth (v.17)
3. Hope in God, Who provides us wealth to enjoy (v. 1 7)
4.  Do good with wealth (v. 18)
5.  Become wealthy in good works (v. 18)
6.  Be generous with wealth (v. 18)
7.  Share the wealth God provides (v. 18)
8.  Store up many good works that God will honor and reward in the future (v. 19)

Why get caught up in an unfulfilling and destructive love relationship with wealth 
(I Tim. 6:6-10). 
Money cannot hug you when you are lonely and money cannot heal you when you are sick.  Money is simply a medium for the exchange of goods and services.  With much money, we can get much more goods and services and still have plenty to share to build God's kingdom.

Because of the generosity of Christians, countless individuals worldwide have a personal relationship with Jesus and their living conditions are improved.

Because of generous donations from Mt. Zion In Ontario, members, and others, I witnessed adults, youth, and children pray the prayer of salvation in Tchula Mississippi and receive resources to improve their oppressed living conditions over the past seven years.

When I served with Prison Fellowship, I witnessed prisoners, ex-prisoners, and their family members come to see and know the love of Jesus and grow in their walk with Jesus, and improve their living conditions because of generous donors who supported our work.

When I traveled to Unganda, and Rwanda, with our missions team, I constantly thanked God for the generous Christians who obeyed God and gave to help the least of these.

As Christians, let us commit ourselves afresh to obey God in every area of our lives especially generous giving to reach people for Christ and improve their lives.

God Bless,

Pastor Kennedy (MZO)

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