Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Are you praying about God's love letter to you (Jer. 29:11)?

Dear Lord, thank You for never forgetting about me, and
sending me an encouraging love letter.  Sometimes I feel alone and just
don't know what to do.  Your letter to me lets me know that You value me,
and You and You alone have the right plan for my life.  Father, I do not
want to waste any more time with empty searches where I am looking for
something and always finding nothing of lasting value.  Father, through my
wholehearted search for meaning in life, You let me find You.  Now I have
You, and Your plan for my life.  Lord, despite my circumstances help me to
consistently communicate with You through prayer and enjoy engaging You and
having You in my life.  My hope is built on You and Your love for me.  In
the name of Jesus I pray, amen.
God Bless,

Pastor Kennedy (MZO)


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