Friday, August 28, 2020

Have Faith in God

With our tender wounds from police shootings re-opened by two more black men shot in their backs, over 181,000 people dead from COVID-19, unemployment numbers increasing, dealing with the damage from Hurricane Laura, and plenty to discuss after the democratic and republican conventions, your personal challenges, and more, I encourage you afresh to have faith in God.
God is in control of the fate of America, and not the President. Please do not let political rhetoric, political strategies, tragedy, and uncertainty shake your faith. God is still in control. Have faith in God.
In fact, if you dare to put a little bit of the right kind of faith in God, you will have mountain moving experiences with God (Mark 11:22-24).
As we trust God to heal our hearts, and heal this country, I encourage you to worship with us on Sunday. If go to and worship with us on-line, get out the bed if able, get yourself together, and have some concentrated worship (not multi-task worship). If you able, come to the church and experience afresh, congregational worship during our 8:00 am outside service.
We want you to sign-up for the outdoor service on our website, but if you forget or can't, you can still come. We will find a place for you to worship.
This Sunday and next Sunday, we will have outdoor baptisms during our 8:00 worship services. You are welcome to get baptized (call the office at 909-983-2411 x 104).
Christian's, God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of love, and power, and sound-mindedness. Have faith in God!

God Bless,
Pastor Kennedy

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