Monday, August 10, 2020

God's Endless Supply and Our Faith

God's Endless Supply and Our Faith

A prophet died, and the widow of the prophet cried out to Elisha, because the creditor was coming to take her two sons into slavery to pay off the family debt. Elisha asked what she had. She said a small jar of olive oil. Elisha, told her to go and borrow as many containers as she could and take her sons into the house and close the door. Then take the small jar of olive oil and fill all the containers you borrowed with oil. She quickly discovered how God has an endless supply of resources when we trust Him with our limited supply. She sold some of the oil and paid her debts, and lived off the rest.
Mt. Zion, as we plan to start our outdoor services this Sunday at 8:00 am and 10:45 am, we are trusting God for His endless supply of resources. This is a watershed moment as God guides us into "new normal" in ministry. Want to help with the outdoor services? Call Ministry Services at 909-983-2411 x 105.
Prayer warriors keep seeking God's face as we continue to bring light to the community and beyond through evangelism, discipleship, and faithful service.

God Bless,

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