Friday, August 14, 2020

Going Deeper With Jesus

In Luke 5:4-5, Jesus commanded Peter to launch out into the deep because He wanted to expand His disciple's ministry.  
Our starting ongoing outdoor worship services this Sunday is Jesus' way of commanding us to launch out into the deep so He can expand our ministry.
Please pray and trust Jesus to help us catch more people for Jesus.
As we prepare for Sunday please:
1. Pray for God's guidance and supernatural protection as we work to keep people safe.
2. If you plan to attend, go to and click on the 8:00 or 10:45 service reservation button (read all material).
3. If all seats are taken, we will have an overflow area with pop ups. Just bring your comfortable chair.
4. Please watch online from home if you have a fever, or other symptoms. Be considerate of others.
5. Please, know that I love you all and would love to hug you, but I too must social distance.
6. If you drive up to drop off your offering, drive in front of sanctuary and Deacons will serve you.
7. At the end of service, we will not announce our worship in giving, but you can leave your tithes and offerings in baskets as you leave, or continue to give on-line.
Mt. Zion, we are obeying Jesus and launching out into the deep for a catch.

God Bless,

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