Friday, September 26, 2014


How often do you hear the expression, "don't judge me."  Usually people who say this have a bit of intolerance in their tone.
People will also say, Jesus said don't judge (Matt. 7:1).

What did Jesus really teach in Matt. 7?

In the so-called "judge not" passage in Matt. 7:1, Jesus teaches that if we are not to judge with harsh and cruel judgement because that is how people will judge us.  We will get back what we put out (Matt. 7:1-2).
Then in Matt. 7:5, Jesus teaches us how to properly judge.  To judge simply means to consider a situation or the actions of others and form an opinion.  

Jesus says, first look at you own problem (the log in your eye), then you will have a more balanced view when you see another persons problem (the speck in their eye).

Notice that both parties have a problem that can be addressed by properly judging the situation.

In Matt 7:16-20, Jesus teaches that by properly judging we will know wolves in sheeps clothing; we will know good people from bad people based on what we see in their lives (their good or bad practices).  This is judging.

In John 7:24, Jesus challenged the religious leaders to judge with righteous judgement.

We judge all the time.  We look at a persons good actions and thank them for doing good.  That is judging.

What do people really mean today by: "don't judge me"!!!   Perhaps if you take a closer look you will notice that they do not want you to hold them accountable for what they are doing or not doing.

Despite popular expressions based on a lack of careful biblical consideration, "judge with righteous judgment."

God Bless,

Pastor Kennedy(MZO)

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