Monday, December 29, 2014

When God Closes a Door, Look for the Other Door

Why do we who serve in ministry act like God is somehow against us when He closes one or two, or a few doors?  As if God does not want us to grow.  God all of His Great Commission oriented ministries to grow as He sees fit.  You may lead a "mega" ministry are a smaller ministry, just make sure you are leading a growing ministry as directed by the Holy Spirit versus a competition with others driven ministry.

God oftentimes closes one or more doors in ministry because He has another door open for us.

In Acts 16, we gain some invaluable principles regarding God opening and closing doors.

As God closes ministry opportunities, we need to look for the direction of the Holy Spirit (Acts 16:6-8).  Notice Paul never got discouraged but continued to pursue kingdom expansion.

Recognize when the Holy Spirit is clearly speaking regarding the ministry (Acts 16:6; 10).  Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit would guild us into all truth (John 16:13).  Witnessing and seeing people's lives changed is a great indication that we are on the right track (Acts 16:14-15, 23-40).

Do not wait around when the Holy Spirit gives clear direction; get busy doing the work He called you to do where He called you to do the work (Acts 16:9-15).
Christians, I trust you do not write off dreams as an outdated mode of communication from God.  Pay attention to detailed dreams because The Holy Spirit can still speak through dreams.

Enjoy growing ministry governed by the Holy Spirit.

God Bless,

Pastor Kennedy (MZO)

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