Saturday, September 12, 2015

Face Your Overwhelming Odds in Worship

Just as Josuua faced Jericho (overwhelming odds) from a place of worship, you too face your Jericho from a place of worship.
When God unusually shows up to reassure you, as Ge do for Joshua, then you fall on your face and worship Him (Joshua 5:13-15).
From your place of worship, God will speak to you and give you instructions for you to obey all the way to your victory (Joshua 6:1-5).

Here is a suggested prayer as you practice facing your Jericho from a place of worship:
Dear Lord, I thank you for giving me principles to help me worship in the
face of overwhelming odds like Israel's Jericho.  Lord, in the face of my
Jericho, I do not want to fear, panic, doubt, complain, get angry, or take
matters into my hands, but to naturally get quiet and worship You.   Lord,
take me far beyond worshipping You on just Saturday or Sunday.  Lord, take
me deeper with You each day, so that in my place of worship I am reassured
in You, and from my place of worship I go much deeper in my obedience to
You.  Lord, give me victory in my worship, and keep me consistently
conscious of Your presence and Your power.  In the name of Jesus I pray,

God Bless

Pastor Brian E. Kennedy, Sr.

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