Friday, September 4, 2015

Pray for America

Pray for Kim Davis of Rowan County, Ky., who was jailed for acting upon the Religious Freedom that we are supposed to have in America.  The problem we have today is our Supreme Court stepped outside of their judicial role and assumed a legislative role and intentionally instituted a law that that conflicts with God's Word.

Now we have a Christian in jail in America for following the clear teaching of the Bible; for exercising her religious freedom, which is supposed to be protected under our constitution.

What will happen when Muslims, Jews, Mormons, and others express their religious freedom in this area?  

America, has taken another step to formally shake her fist in the face of God and declare that she will not honor God, nor His Word.

In America, we will have learned to love, and get along with individuals who hold different moral and religious views than what is in the bible. Why now all of a sudden does our government have to put us in jail while we are trying to sort out the mess they created?

Just as using excessive force is wrong, shooting officers for revenge is also wrong.

Pray for families of citizens shot and abused by police officers who deliberately used excessive force.

Let us also pray for families of fallen officers who willingly put themselves in harms way to protect and serve our communities.  

Everyone serious about prayer for America should watch the movie "War Room."  Try to overlook the insulting emphasis on the Black females stars smelly feet.  Totally insulting humor and unnecessary to the storyline.  Yet the message in the movie is undeniably powerful, and will change this country if we practice the biblical principles for prayer in the movie.

God Bless,

Pastor Kennedy,

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